Two Tickets to Merchandise: Daft Punk

Two Tickets to Merchandise: Daft Punk

Two Tickets to Merchandise is an ongoing feature profiling notable music merch.

Since we're right on the heels of the false rumor (thanks a lot, Playboy) that Daft Punk would replace Queen Bey at Coachella, I figured why not help mend broken hearts by giving fans a glimpse of Daft Punk's second-to-none merch store.

Known for their attention to detail and mystique, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo — French electronic music duo behind Daft Punk — have spared no expense with their web store. Every item for sale has its own, expertly crafted poster advertisement, which you are of course able to purchase individually. As they put it, "This is an ad for our ads."

Seeing that their merch is as extensive as it is awesomely random, I don't even know where to begin, so why not start with something that is decidedly vinyl.

As far as slipmats go, these are pretty rad, and they better be for $43. As expected at this price point, they're legit, professional grade mats, meant for mixing and scratching. I don't ever plan on being a vinyl DJ, but these would be on the shortlist if my destiny took me there.


These aren't your grandma's snow globes. With the classic helmets fabricated in molded resin, it can be Daft Punk winter all year long.


Keeping with the theme of sold out Daft Punk holiday merch, here is some much-needed bling for your Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. There is also a set of the classic gold and silver helmet ornaments, but I prefer the "White Christmas" edition.


These matte printed lithographs speak for themselves, which is why they're, you guessed it, sold out - sorry, I promise to get back to things that are actually in stock.


Now I've never been much of a skateboarder, but I only wish I had something half as cool as this deck during my college longboarding days.


After everything so far, this yo-yo seems like the natural progression. As expected, it's only the finest quality - a Genuine Russell "Super Edition" in a vintage 80s mold. You'll be "walkin' the dog" in no time.


Any Daft Punk superfan and appreciator of canvas art, should've been all over this limited edition portrait painting. From the post-apocalyptic background, to the random inclusion of a panther, this hand-numbered and signed print would look spectacular stretched over a frame.  


It only seems fitting to end with the iconic, yet simple split helmet t-shirt. If any one image could define Daft Punk, this would have to be it.

While almost everything the electronic duo sells is worth the expensive asking price to die-hard fans or collectors, I'm just not into Daft Punk enough to warrant dropping $120 on a gold, logo emblazoned K-Way windbreaker. Save for a few popular songs from the early years, only their most recent output piques my interest, beginning with the epic original film score for Tron Legacy and, most notably, ending with the three-time Grammy monster, Random Access Memories.

Now if only Radiohead could get their merch game shit together.

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